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LIBRIS: Business Insurance for Independent Booksellers

LIBRIS offers affordable, comprehensive business insurance exclusively to independent booksellers. Our insurance programs are specifically designed to address book retailers' unique needs, providing you with outstanding insurance value.

Our knowledgeable industry professionals can help you determine the coverage that best suits your specific retail operation. And, our specially trained claims response team is dedicated to providing quick, no-hassle claims resolutions.

LIBRIS was formed in 1997 by the American Booksellers Association to provide affordable insurance protection for its members. Available coverages include:

• Buildings • Tenants' Improvements
• Building Glass • Business Personal Property
• Exterior Signs • Inventory
• Peak Season • Business Income and Extra Expense
• Fine Arts  

Commercial auto, workers' compensation (in most states), and umbrella policies are also available. LIBRIS also provides uncommon coverages for booksellers, including property at fairs and exhibitions and café or coffee shop operations.

Review the insurance coverage offered by LIBRIS and compare it to the coverage you have now.

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LIBRIS and ABA teams with Asset MarketPlace to offer more insurance products

Asset MarketPlace offers a variety of insurance products that provide lifelong protection to ABA members and their families.  These are high quality insurance products many of which include enhanced benefits at no extra costs and discounts available only to association members.  Member companies may also qualify for discounted group rates and simplified underwriting making qualification more accessible.

The range of coverage includes:  Disability, Long-Term Care, Critical Illness, Life Insurance and Single Premium Annuities.   These are completely voluntary and portable insurance policies.

Call us at 888-694-8585 to request a quote and see how much money you can save.  Additional information on these products can be found at:


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